About the node

Bioinformatics and biocomputing are, by their nature, both scientific and technological activities. ELIXIR -GR enhances the potential of the Greek bioinformatics community to offer open, easily accessible and state -of- the- art services to the Greek and the international academic community and other stakeholders, such as industry and the health sector. More importantly, by providing these services, the infrastructure facilitates discoveries in the field of the life-sciences, having strong spill over effects in promoting innovation in sectors such as discovery of new drug targets and development of novel therapeutic agents, development of innovative diagnostics, personalized medicine, and development of innovative biotechnological products and processes.

A very important outcome of the operation of the infrastructure is the effective networking and coordination of the bioinformatics community in Greece. As in most other European countries, activities and resources in bioinformatics/biocomputing are widely distributed in Greece, embedded in institutions that conduct state -of -the -art biological and biomedical research. ELIXIR -GR catalyses the integration of the national bioinformatics community and further increases its visibility.

Resources offered


  • Compute resources. ELIXIR-GR aims to provide large-scale computing resources for data-intensive tasks needed to store, analyze and process big biological data, such as molecular sequence and bioimaging data.
  • Data resources. ELIXIR-GR will store, safeguard and provide access to biological databanks for which the Greek R&D life science community has high levels of appropriate domain expertise.
  • Standards/Interoperability. In compliance with the standards of ELIXIR-EUROPE, ELIXIR-GR will address requirements for unified programming access to databanks and services.
  • Training. ELIXIR-GR will provide training for life scientists and other stakeholders in using the bioinformatic and biocomputing services available at ELIXIR and other international RIs.
  • Tools. In collaboration with other ELIXIR Nodes and the ELIXIR Hub, ELIXIR-GR will offer a catalog of tools and services provided by the scientific community for biological data management and analysis.