Arena3Dweb is the first, fully interactive and dependency-free, web application which allows the visualization of multi-layered graphs in 3D space. With Arena3Dweb, users can integrate multiple networks in a single view along with their intra- and inter-layer connections. For clearer and more informative views, users can choose between a plethora of layout algorithms and apply them on a set of selected layers either individually or in combination. Users can align networks and highlight node topological features, whereas each layer as well as the whole scene can be translated, rotated and scaled in 3D space. User-selected edge colors can be used to highlight important paths, while node positioning, coloring and resizing can be adjusted on-the-fly. In its current version, Arena3Dweb supports weighted and unweighted undirected graphs, is written in R, Shiny and Javascript.


Biomedical Sciences Research Center "Alexander Fleming"

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