Release of the first version of SeqCVIBE

We are excited to announce the release of the first version of SeqCVIBE, a platform for the interactive exploration, analysis, visualization and cataloguing of RNA-Seq data which was developed by HybridStat Predictive Analytics with Elixir-GR funding resources.

SeqCVIBE is a Shiny web application for the interactive data exploration, analysis, visualization and genome browsing of large RNA-Seq datasets. SeqCVIBE is powered by a lite version of the metaseqR Bioconductor package for gene expression analysis and by JBrowse for genome browsing. In addition, it deploys the powerful reactive environment of Shiny to offer a real-time interactive interface. SeqCVIBE allows for several on-the-fly sub-dataset creations and visualizations and calculations, such as averaging genomic tracks over specific regions and calculating RNA abundance in custom possibly non-annotated regions (e.g. novel long non-coding RNAs). Other interactive analysis capabilities of SeqCVIBE include on-the-fly differential expression analysis with interactive visualizations and exploration, clustering analysis, correlation analysis and dimensionality reduction. In addition, SeqCVIBE is at the same time a database for pre-analysed data where the user can navigate and explore the results, perform basic analyses in various ways and save analysis sessions.

SeqCVIBE is available at Source code is available through GitHub.