Greece joins ELIXIR as a full Member

We have received the great news from our minister Kostas Fotakis that Greece will join ELIXIR and we look forward to conclude the formal signing of the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement in the next few days. These news have been announced on Monday during the European Conference for Computational Biology (ECCB) hosted in Athens.

As an ELIXIR Member, the Greek bioinformatics community will be able to fully integrate into ELIXIR activities and collaborate with other ELIXIR Nodes more extensively.

Prof. Kostas Fotakis said: “I am very pleased to be able to sign the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement on behalf of the Greek government. A robust infrastructure for life-science data across Europe is essential to realise the potential of data-driven biology. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise and resources with ELIXIR partners and deepening our collaboration at the European research community.”

Prof. Babis Savakis, Head of ELIXIR Greece said: "We are delighted to be able to announce our full membership in ELIXIR, here in Athens at the ECCB conference. Greece has been already actively participating in many activities. Joining ELIXIR as a full Member will lead to deeper collaboration with ELIXIR partners across Europe and better integration of our resources into ELIXIR.”

ELIXIR now counts 22 members and one Observer (Cyprus), making it the largest ESFRI Research Infrastructure in terms of membership.