Marine Pilot Action Introductory Meeting

E-conference details

Date, time:  12/07/2018, 10:00 – 14:00

The aim of the teleconference was to:

  • present the four pillars of the joint research activity, explore potential collaborations, and discuss next steps
  • reciprocal communication: on the one hand, to present ELIXIR-GR and ELIXIR-GR Marine pilot to pertinent IMBBC researchers, and on the other hand to give an overview of relevant experiments taking place and data produced at IMBBC.

In addition to the talks (see here for the presentation files), discussions took place on pertinent datasets (either published or “fresh”) that could be contributed from the involved laboratories/partners, possible analyses and collaborations, and a plan of actions. The latter includes: splitting in subgroups (per pilot action pillar, establishing direct communication among partners immediately involved, and arranging future meetings.



[10:00] Dr. Antonios Magoulas [IMBBC], Welcome message
[10:10] Dr. Martin Reczko [Fleming], Introduction to ELIXIR-Greece
[10:20] Dr. Georgios Kotoulas [IMBBC], Introduction to CMBR: Centre for the study and sustainable exploitation of Marine Biological Resources
[10:30] Dr. Evangelos Pafilis [IMBBC], The ELIXIR-Greece marine omics joint research activity: main pillars, deliverables, timeline
[10:40] Dr. Thanasis Vergoulis [ATHENA] Data-intensive computing for the ELIXIR-GR community

Pillar A. Non-model species sequencing, mRNA, miRNA analysis

[10:50] Dr. Elena Sarropoulou [IMBBC], Transcriptomics and microRNA research at IMBBC
[11:00] Dr. Artemis Hatzigeorgiou [HPI, UoT], MicroRNA analysis suites at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute and the University of Thessaly (connection with pertinent ELIXIR-Greece pilot activities)

Pillar B. Systems Biology for Bioprospecting

[11:30] Dr. Maria Klapa [ICEHT], The ELIXIR-Greece Metabolomics pilot - connection with the ELIXIR
[11:40] Dr. Evangelos Pafilis [IMBB], Text mining efforts to enrich marine omics data with literature derived knowledge

Coffee pause

Pillar C. Marine metagenomes

[12:30] Dr. Paraskevi Polymenakou [IMBBC], Marine Metagenomics: Extreme environments and Genomic Observatories
[12:35] Christos Christakis [IMBBC] Marine Metagenomics pipeline
also shown on behalf of Dr. Christina Pavloudi, Haris Zafeiropoulos Marker Genes Metagenomics

Pillar D. Nation wide mapping of marine omics research needs, available resources and bioinformatics tools and approaches

[13:00] Dr. Panos Bravakos [IMBBC], Mapping of research needs, available resources and Bioinformatics tools

Round Table discussion

[13:30] Discussion on:

  • pertinent dataset (published/on-the-way) that could be contributed from the involved laboratories/partners, taxonomic group suggestion for follow up studies, upcoming events and further organization


  • partner list: see participants below
  • partner presentations: here (talks include presentations of ongoing non-ELIXIR-GR but related projects)

mailing list: “elixir_gr_marine”, only members of the list can, members are by invitation only, please contact for the addition colleagues to whom the list would be of interest


Antonis Magoulas (IMBBC Director)
Babis Savakis (ELIXIR-GR Head of node)
Martin Reczko (ELIXIR-GR Technical coordinator)

Artemis Hatzigeorgiou
Giorgos Skoufos
Spyros Tastsoglou

Maria Klapa
Giorgos Pavlopoulos
Alexandros Dimopoulos
Giorgos Sofianatos

Thanasis Vergoulis

Christos Arvanitidis
Christos Christakis
Christina Pavloudi
Haris Zafeiropoulos
Panagiotis Kasapidis
Giorgos Kotoulas
Evangelos Pafilis
Panos Bravakos
Paraskevi Polymenakou
Elena Sarropoulou
Tereza Manousaki
Costas Tsigenopoulos

Fred Verret